Vickie Stringer, CEO Triple Crown Publications


Vickie StringerFirst initiated in 2001, Triple Crown Publications has now become the center of the urban fiction renaissance. The firm published its very first book ‘Let that be the Reason’ in 2001 and the novel was instantly successful. The book was written by the founder and owner of Triple Crown Publications, Vickie Stringer. It became an immediate sensation, appreciated by all who read it. Ever since then, the company has continued to reach newer levels of success with their publications each year.

Vickie Stringer Collections

Triple Crown Publications is the firm that brought some of the country’s most beloved novels to the forefront. Some of the organization’s most successful investments include ‘Dime Piece’ by Tracy Brown, ‘A Hustler’s Wife’ by Nikki Turner, ‘Drama Queen’ by LaJill Hunt and ‘Sheisty’ by T.N. Baker. The bestseller lists presently comprise of books like ‘Low Down and Dirty’ by Vickie Stringer, ‘Queen of Thieves’ by Kimathi Khama and ‘Mistress of the Game’ by Sherrie Walker. Customers who are interested in getting their hands on these literary jewels can purchase the novels from the official website and then wait for quick delivery at their doorsteps.

Vickie Stringer CEO Triple Crown PublicationsThe founder of the company, Vickie M. Stringer, is amongst the country’s most loved African-American writers. She has been featured in a number of different magazines and newspapers. She has been featured in The New York Times, Black Enterprise, Essence and Newsweek.

Triple Crown Publications also provides retailers and distributors with exclusive books at cheap, wholesale prices. Interested buyers can call the firm and find out about special discounts, deals and many more offers.